Most inhabitants of this village are farmers, traders, and wood sculptors. Before entering the village, one is provided with the panorama of sprawling rice fields on the right and left side. There is a row of coconut trees along the road heading for Tegenungan. This road looks so tranquil and meandering, reminding us of Bali before the 1980s. Moreover, once in a while, we can see the swaying of egret’s wings passing over our head as if they taking us back to ancient period.
Having arrived at Tegenungan, we are amazed by the tranquility of this village. No roaring of machines at all. There is only the occasional sound of solitary cars and motorbikes passing through the village; and they belong to visitors coming to see the beauty of Tegenungan village.
On entering the location of waterfall, every visitor is expected to give a donation to the local villagers through the parking attendant in charge there. This donation will be used to maintain the road to the waterfall.

On the upper part of the waterfall, we are welcomed by two soft drink hawkers who also serve as tour guides to the location. From there, we can relish the somewhat tempting waterfall. We can observe the endless streams of waterfall flowing to the Petanu River. “Wow, what an extraordinary waterfall it is,” a foreign visitor said when making a visit to this location.

As we explore the riverbank towards the waterfall, we encounter an alluring and pristine panorama. According to Desak Made Putri, a villager who lives close to the waterfall, the average day can see 20 tourists. They come from France, America, Japan, Korea, Italy and so forth. “Aside from foreign visitors, lots of local schoolchildren also come here while relaxing with their friends,” Dewa Sudarmana, another villager, adds.
Explaining the large number of tourist visit, Dewa thinks it is caused by the fact that it’s the only one waterfall existing in Gianyar Regency.



Tegenungan Photos