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A letter from Stephen Aizenstat <SAizenstat at>

made di balimade di baliYes -- wonderful to be with you.
I truly enjoyed our time together and am planning to come back around. After-all, your home is now my home.
I will be passing out your name, your web site, and cards to others.
You are a great guide, driver, and on top of that, a damn nice guy.
thanks for all,




Made Pering Sukadana is more than a driver, a true guide! See Bali as only the seasoned visitor can. His best of driver based in Ubud.

With Made at your service, you will experience:

  • unlimited assistance arranging your visit
  • an expert tour guide and driver in a new, air-conditioned car
  • Bali’s most beautiful roads
  • Gorgeous lakes, mountains and waterfalls seen from special locations
  • Ins and outs of Bali’s greatest markets
  • Native healers, artisans, much more

Call ahead and Made will pick you up at the airport! His many friends all over the world recommend him.


Your Car: Comfortable and Reliable


I hereby announce that, I MADE PERING SUKADANA,
Born August 8. 1969 in Ubud Bali
During my stay over a period of two weeks in Ubud-city, has shown himself as a professional driver and a great personality.
I have experienced him as a remarkable and excellent person.
A cunning man and a reliably manager for his job and clients.
A man who puts his heart and soul into whatever he does.
A real gentleman with a perfect timing for humor and a laugh.

Therefore, a recommendation that I would like to share with those who likes to meet a person whose knowledge about Bali astounded me.
Meet I MADE PERING SUKADANA and you meet the heart of Bali.

Recommendation by: E.Klerks  Email: klerks.e [at]

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